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Dorood  Kelied  Electric  Co.  is  one  of  the  leaders  in producing electrical equipment with more than 30 years of  experience.  Dorood  Kelied  Electric   Co.  is  now  proud  to  announce  the  production  of  composite insulators of up to 400kV for the first time in Iran. Our belief  is  to  respect  the  international  standards;  hence, Dorood  Kelied  Electric  Co.  has  coordinated  with various  international  companies  and  national  experts for over two years in order to optimize the quality of its products. In line with this trend, Dorood Kelied Electric Co.  has  benefited  from  the  latest  technologies  and  innovations of leading research institutions such as NRI, STRI, and EPRI among others. Our products are standardized, as demonstrated in the insulator’s characteristics section. Resistance  maximisation of the rods, high resistance fittings, reduction in the electrical field, minimised partial  discharge  are  just  a  few  of  the  characteristics  of  the insulators  that  highlight  the  innovative  and  cuttingedge technology used in Dorood  Kelied Electric Co’s  product range. Combining  our  30  years  of  experience  with  the  innovative  technology  has  provided  us  an  exceptional opportunity to produce insulators with unique features, which  we  strongly  believe,  will  provide  us  with  the  opportunity to supply our products globally and play a major role in the international market. Our high quality and  low  prices  will  enable  us  to  compete  with  international  companies  in  the  field  of  electrical equipment production. Our aim is to gain customer confidence and satisfaction. In order to accomplish our aim, shareholders of  Dorood  Kelied  Electric  Co  attempt  to  equip  themselves  with  latest  industry  knowledge  and  technology.
Why DK Electric?
Named one of Iran’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies for the last three consecutive years by the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade,  DK Electric  sees the  value in growing its business around  the world. In  May of 2008,  DK Electric  completed  production of its composite insulators  up  to 400 kV,  and  is  proud  to  be  the  first  company  in  the  Middle  East  .DK  Electric  has  invested  $5  million  in composite insulators over the past three years.
DK Electric Achievements
We  are  proud  to  be  the  CEO  of  Iranian  high  voltage  insulator  manufacturer’s  community because of our special efforts on quality and performance of our products.
DK electric manufactures all of its products and is registered to the rigid Quality Assurance Standards of the ISO9001:2000 program. The company is audited on a continuous basis by its customers and an internationally recognized quality management auditing firm
DK Electric Co is referenced by Iranian ministry of Energy for visitors all around Iran.
DK  electric  has  excellent  engineering  resources  and  test  facilities  for  product  design  and development.  DK  electric  insulators  uses  its  own  proprietary  technologies,  designs  and rubber formulations, in the manufacture of all its insulator products
The design of  DK Electric product is highly competitive with its international competitors. Electrical fields of all the products are simulated by Flux software  which is the fewest and most moderate electrical field that can be taken. Education
Production  and  Engineering  Manager  of  DK  Electric  has  got  a  Master  degree  in  Control Systems from Imperial College London. He got his  bachelor  degree from Brunel  Universityin Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He has been working in the company since 2001.
Sale  Manager  of  the  company  has  got  a  bachelor  degree  in  Business  Management  from University of Central Florida (UCF). He has been working in the company since 2004. 
At DK Electric, it has been tried to use  well educated and specialists at different sections  to use their  creativity.  Furthermore  there are 8 employees with  bachelor  degrees in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and etc
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